Milan Metro

Milan Metro is a rapid transit system serving Milan, Italy. With a network length of 94.5 kilometers, it is the longest metro system in Italy. There are 103 stations located mostly underground with a ridership of 1.15 million passengers daily. Stations are provided with LED screens showing the destination and waiting time of coming trains. In every station, a recorded voice announces the station at the platform. Newer trains and driverless trains are equipped with LCD screens and recorded announcements in Italian and in English.
  • Name: Milan Metro Cellular Coverage
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Date: Q3/2009
  • Dual-band remote units
  • Antennas for stations and leaky cable coverage inside tunnel
  • Directly interface to the RBS
  • 3xDCS and 4+4xUMTS
  • EDGE and HSxPA Compatible
  • ≈ 50 total Remote Units on multiple sectors
  • IP66 High Power optical remote unit
  • Complete NMS system to fully manage by remote the entire network via LAN and sms
  • Point-to-point and cascade configurations