Latvian National Library
The National Library of Latvia is a natural cultural institution under the supervision of the Latvian Ministry of Culture.  The 12 floor library, known as the Castle of Light, is recognized as one of the greatest cultural projects of the 21st century in Latvia. This structure was designed by worldrenowned architect, Gunārs Birkerts, and opened its doors in 2014.  Besides the standard services and routine operations, the Castle of Light and its infrastructure serves as a platform for activities of various cooperation partners and a place of unique creative synergies.
  • Name: New National Library
  • Location: Riga, Latvia
  • Date: Q1 2013
  • 12 floors building with approx 4,5 million books
  • GSM900/LTE1800/UMTS2100 bands
  • 21 Low Power 3-bands remote units
  • Active POI towards BTS/Node-B/eNB
  • 19“ 44HU rack for MU
  • Directly fed by BTS/Node-B/eNB
  • 2 operators & 3 sectors
  • LTE MIMO 2x2
  • Omni-directional and panel antennas forindoor coverage