Bologna High Speed Railway Junction and Station

Bologna Centrale was constructed in 1859 in Bologna, Italy and is the fifth busiest railway with a ridership of 58 million passengers per year.  Operating 500 trains per day as well as numerous urban bus lines, it is located in a strategic point of the national rail network where the main North-South and East-West lines intersect.
  • Name: Multi-operator optical repeater for EGSM and UMTS coverage extension + GSM-R
  • Location: Bologna, Italy
  • Date: Q3-Q4/2012
  • Optical system
  • Both Leaky cable and antennas for tunnel coverage
  • Required RX Lev = -78dBm/c with max 36 carriers (RFI spec. DI TCTS SR TL 08 001 D) for GSM signal
  • 18km of railway and escape roots in Bologna city
  • 3 operators on EGSM + UMTS frequency bands
  • New Station with RGSM High Power RU
  • 21 IP66 High Power Dual-band (EGSM+UMTS) optical RUs for junction tunnels
  • 26 IP66 High Power RGSM optical RUs for station
  • 3-sectors