Office and Multitenants

Many buildings are designed for a combination of office, commercial and residential use. These multi-tenant structures are comprised of concrete and steel, which may result in degraded wireless signals from outside antennas. Yet residents of these buildings still expect cellular connectivity to conduct business as well as for personal matters.
Many property managers are turning to alternative wireless solutions to satisfy their tenants and stay ahead of the competition. Technology innovator and leader, JMA Wireless, offers flexible and scalable mobile connectivity technologies for any size building. Its state-of-the-art Teko DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solution ensures tenants receive the cellular connectivity they expect. With careful and precise planning, antennas are placed throughout a building to create many sectors of signals to cost effectively meet the coverage and capacity needs of cellular and public safety operators. Already property managers at many high profile multi-tenant buildings can attest to the high speed wireless coverage enabled by the Teko DAS solution.