RF Repeater Solutions
The Teko platform can be configured for RF repeater applications where the need for optimized signal coverage is adequate to provide better end-user service that is transparent to protocol and modulation.

Teko Rack-mounted Repeater Solutions 

Populating the Teko Master Unit with digital Donor Front End (DFE) and service front-end modules, multi-band, multi-operator coverage solutions can be configured. The modularity of the Teko platform allows easy adaptability to new technologies or extending the solutions to additional operators as needed.

Teko Digital Donor Front Ends provided the off-air RF interface towards the signal source, typically a distant macro cell tower. Multiple DFEs can be configured in the Master Unit. Teko service front-ends provide the interface to service antennas within a venue.  Multiple DFEs (up to 4) can be connected with a single service front-end for single band, multi-operator configurations.  Multiple service front-ends can be utilized with multiple DFE’s to create multi-band, multi-operator solutions providing a broad range of support across the 308 to 2700 MHz frequency range.
Teko modular repeater solutions utilize a common supervisor module to provide a single point of access for administration, whether local to the venue or remotely.

Teko Fully Integrated Repeater System

Smaller venues and environments such as passenger trains can benefit from the fully integrated Teko RF repeater solution. These RF repeaters provide a cost effective coverage solution for unique applications requiring:
•    Concentrated coverage, but flexibility for multiple bands and operators
•    Wall-mounted designs, where rack-space in non-existent
•    Ruggedized packaging for high-vibration and tamper-proof environments
Teko fully integrated repeaters provide protocol and modulation transparency over the 380 to 2700 Mhz frequency range.  The fully integrated design means no racks or cards and now moving parts such as fan assemblies.  The Teko fully integrated repeater units are hardened enclosures.  A base unit (the Main) can be utilized to provide single-band, single-operator coverage. Adding additional units can extend the solution into a multi-band, multi-operator configuration. The Main unit hosts the supervisory system, allowing single point of control for all modules added to create coverage.
See the following for an overview of the Teko RF Repeater solution for passenger trains: Railway Solutions Brief 
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