HetNet Media Conversion
The FUZE HetNet Media Conversion products enable optimized connectivity from head-end to remote locations where devices such as POE (power over ethernet) wireless access points or security cameras are deployed. The FUZE approach utilizes a combination of fiber optic transport and digital electricity to extend the reach from central locations (MDFs or main Technical Rooms) to remote locations such as IDFs.  Combining IP network transport with fiber distributed RF DAS and adding digital electricity power creates a powerful HetNet delivery platform that lowers deployment costs significantly and streamlines the installation.
The FUZE product options include both a head-end rack system and HetNet Service Point add-on modules for the Dual and Quad Mount Kits at remote locations. The HetNet Service Point modules provide full Power Over Ethernet (POE) and full Layer 2 management for multi-service deployments. The head-end rack can host up to 16 media converters and utilizes flexible SFP ports to enable selection of fiber termination.  The HetNet sub rack is 2 rack units, is available in AC or DC power, redundant power supplies, and includes a central supervision card.  Fiber selection in both head-end and remote side is determined by selection of SFP modules, available in multiple form factors.  Remote units can also host wired (RJ45) SFPs where CAT5 or CAT6 cabling is more convenient for connectivity. Administration of all head-end and remote HetNet Media Conversion and Service Points is available via secure HTTPS or SNMP and a local console port is also made available.
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