Digital Electricity™

Welcome to the age of digital electricity™

The new FUZE Digital Electricity™ solutions are designed to significantly lower the costs of deploying in-building and outdoor wireless communications. By leveraging this latest technology you can reduce or eliminate the costs associated running dedicated AC power conduits to equipment locations.
Digital Electricity™ can utilize a wide range of different wire sizes and the good news it does not require metal conduits.  Perhaps even more important is Digital Electricity™ can deliver power to equipment more than 1 mile from the head end!

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Digital Electricity™ Transmitters

-   Rack mount modular system that hosts individual Digital Electricity™ transmitters and centralized management.
-   Typically hosted in an MDF of a building or at any head-end equipment location
-   Can scale as needed by adding sub-racks and Digital Electricity™ transmitter cards.

Digital Electricity™ Receivers

-   Packaged to provide power safely in remote locations over long distances.
-   Typically located in a buildings IDF closet or mounted inside concealments such as light poles, near DAS remote units.
-   Receivers can also be used as an option in the FUZE mount kits to bring Digital Electricity™ directly into a clean enclosure.