Central DC Remote Unit Power
Centralized DC remote unit power is ideal for DAS environments where standard DC powered Teko remote units are used.
Centralized DC Remote Unit Power provides remotely controlled and monitored power, reducing costs and increasing flexibility. The power unit also provides individual power control, protection and status reporting for up to four power supply units (PSU) and 32 output ports.
The Centralized DC Remote Unit performs voltage regulation to ensure that a clean and stable supply is delivered to the Remote Units with improved power efficiency.  The independent port power regulation reduces power consumption and overall operating costs. 
•   Performs software controlled voltage monitoring for improved power efficiency. 
•   Remote powering of DC Low Power Remote Units.
•   Outputs individually controlled via optical software, reducing power consumption.  
•   Standard version and Class2 version (with 2.5A current limit)
•   Up to 4 PSU modules working in N+1 redundancy
         -   AC PSU module: 1.2 KW (@110V)
         -   DC PSU module: 2 KW
•   Software protection on max current absorption and related
•   Remote control via Supervision Module (TSPV)

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