Powering Systems

The FUZE platform focuses on optimizing connectivity from head-end locations to remote sites in heterogeneous network deployments.  FUZE uniquely integrates fiber distribution, powered Ethernet, mounting and different electrical power options into a power set of deployment options.  


Digital Electricity™

FUZE includes multiple power options to optimize deployments for different venue needs.  This includes AC, DC or Digital Electricity™.  Digital Electricity™ enables powered equipment up to 6000 feet away from the main power source without the use of conduit and other electrical power requirements.  The FUZE Platform includes special Transmitters & Receivers to convert the power back to DC for use by the equipment.
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DAS Remote Unit Mount Kits

Streamline your DAS & Wi-Fi deployment requirements with innovative mounting and enclosure options from JMA Wireless.  Clean and simple designs yield security and protection for your venues Wi-Fi networking, fiber terminations and DAS remote equipment.  Eliminate extra mounting boards and open power, network and fiber connections that put your deployment at risk.  Incorporate FUZE mounting and enclosure solutions into your venue to maximize utility and performance.
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Fiber Optic DWDM

The Fiber Optic DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexor) provides venues with a solution to consolidate their fiber infrastructure.  The Fiber Optic-based RF signals can be consolidated across the venue to preserve utilization of fiber infrastructure.
The DWDM consolidates multiple optical channels onto a single fiber, increasing optical link capacity and reducing cabling infrastructure demands.  The Fiber Optic DWDM supports up to 8 wavelength channels over a single optical fiber, with different wavelengths for uplink and downlink signals.
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