JMA is a global telecommunications leader connecting the world through a portfolio of market leading wireless solutions.  Born with a history of innovative technology that spans over 70 years; JMA was formed in December 2012, after selling its PPC Broadband division to St. Louis-based Belden, Inc. for $515.7 million. As a part of this transaction, John Mezzalingua Associates retained the PPC Wireless division, renaming the company JMA.   


Continued Tradition

John Mezzalingua Associates, LLC (dba JMA) is a family-owned, private corporation. We continue the tradition of PPC Wireless as a global company focused exclusively on wireless technology. We have an established global customer base and over 400 patents in wireless technology. Operating under the executive leadership and ownership team established at PPC Wireless, we will continue to identify and solve the complex challenges of the wireless industry. These solutions will deliver the same innovation, performance, and reliability that our customers have come to rely on.